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Submission Guidelines

  1. Length: Aim for 600-1500 words – concise but impactful.
  2. Content Guidelines: Clearly define the type of content you are looking for on your site. Specify whether you accept fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays, articles, or any other specific genres. You can also mention the themes or topics that align with your site’s focus.
  3. Submission Process: Explain how authors can submit their work to your site. Provide clear instructions on the preferred method of submission, whether it’s through email, an online form, or a submission management platform. Include any specific formatting requirements, such as file types, word limits, or font styles.
  4. Simultaneous Submissions: State your policy on simultaneous submissions, which refers to authors submitting their work to multiple publications at the same time. Specify whether you accept simultaneous submissions or if you require exclusive submissions.
  5. Response Time: Inform authors about the expected response time for their submissions. If your review process takes longer than usual, it’s important to manage their expectations and provide an estimated timeframe.
  6. Payment and Donations: If applicable, mention whether you offer payment for accepted submissions and provide details on the payment structure. If you rely on donations to support your site, explain how authors can contribute and whether it affects the review process or feedback they receive.
  7. Blind Review Process: If you follow a blind review process, where the author’s identity is concealed during the review, mention this in your guidelines. Explain how authors should ensure their name does not appear anywhere on the submission or file name.
  8. Rights and Attribution: Clarify the rights you require for published work. If authors are allowed to republish their work elsewhere, specify any requirements for crediting your site as the original publisher.
  9. Contact Information: Provide clear contact information, such as an email address or submission form link, for authors to reach out with any questions or concerns regarding their submissions.
  10. How to Submit: Send your masterpiece to [Submission email info@example.com] along with a brief bio and optional headshot.

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